Wednesday, 11 January 2017

River Island Embroidered Bomber Jacket

My name's Charlie and I have a problem with outerwear. I was on an outerwear ban, but then this bomber popped up in the River Island Plus sale, down to £15 from £70, and I just couldn't resist. River Island Plus are killing it right now. Between them and ASOS Curve I think my wardrobe will stay fully stocked for the foreseeable

I'm just happy that I can look casual and amazing and fat all at the same time now where it used to be extremes of absolute slob fest or dressed to the nines. As my little sister said to me later that day, "u are all about the jeans and bomber life now". And I'm pretty happy with that. 

Wednesday, 4 January 2017

OOTD: Luxury slouch

I've grown to love a bit of velvet over the past couple of years. Okay so I can't touch the stuff without all my hairs standing on end, but having to walk around with my arms outstretched is a sacrifice I'm willing to make. 

I spied this lovely velvet pleated number on a recent M&S trip. Let's face it I've always been about the granny chic (I received Pam St Clement's autobiography - End of an Earring - this Christmas). 

I love this trend of pairing luxurious fabrics and formal pieces with more informal (but no less luxurious) chunky knits. So that's just what I did. This Navabi roll neck has been a staple in my wardrobe and the quality is so good that I'm sure it will continue to be for years to come. 

Happy 2017! May your years be filled with love and friendship and adventures.

Skirt: M&S
Jumper: Navabi (Isolde Roth)
Hat: AWear (so very old)
Bag: Accessorize
Jacket and boots: Simply Be

Tuesday, 25 October 2016

One of a Kind

Woah woah woah. Woahhhhhhh there. It's me. That's right. Quality, not quantity.

Well the wedding's over and I'm back to having a tiny amount of disposable income THANK THE LORD. I suppose my style has evolved a little over the past 12 months and I'm favouring a classic look with a few statement pieces here and there. I mentioned in my last post that I had discovered ASOS Curve Ridleys; I chub rubbed the thighs out of the last pair and I'm on to the next! That's it for me now; I'm a skinny jeaner for life. I did attempt to buy some 'mom' jeans, but unfortunately I just looked like someone's mum ¯\_(ツ)_/¯

The 'one of a kind' refers to this delish jacket I'm wearing below. I picked it up at an Anna Scholz sample sale last year and it is just awesome. The PVC sleeves have enough stretch for my arms and though I'm not usually a fan of a waterfall jacket it just seems to work with this one. She only ever made this one and it's mine! ALL MINE! Moohaha.

Jacket: Anna Scholz
Shirt: Navabi
Necklace: TopShop (gift)
Sneakers: FILA (old, but I'm also enjoying these)

If you want to know more about Anna Scholz sample sales then get to the website and sign yourself up to the newsletter. There's one coming up in November so get in quick! My advice is to: take totes, prepare to hang around in your pants along with a lot of other women, sharpen your elbows, stay hydrated and grab some banging bargains.

My pash for fash has returned so expect a few more posts from me. I'm also aware that I haven't written anything at all about my wedding and there definitely needs to be more fat bride visibility, so watch this space.

Tuesday, 3 May 2016

Weekend threads

This weekend lots of lovely things happened: friends came to stay, I had a delicious Lebanese meal with my bridesmaids, I drank lots of tasty beer, ate sausages and played arcade games. It was the perfect weekend actually.

As the weather was so nice I also got to take some outfit pics too! I know I know, it's such a rare occurrence now, but it gets better: I HAVE TWO OUTFITS. For real. 

First up was this fab jumpsuit from George. I actually bought it for Christmas outings, but only got around to wearing it for the first time this weekend. Still, lots of compliments and I felt good in it. I particularly liked the wide leg which was extra swishy. I'm wearing a 20 here and there's lots of stretch, both in the arms and body.

I wore it with trainers as we were doing a bit of walking and I didn't want to look *too* dressed up, but I could easily pop a pair of heels on with this for an evening look. The obsession with jumpsuits continues.

On Sunday we popped into Peckham for some casual strolling and quaffing. I decided to wear my ASOS Curve Ridley jeans which, frankly, have changed my life. The first pair of jeans I've worn in years which actually fit my body, the only exception being that they're a bit long, but that's easily solved. 

I'm really enjoying wearing shirts at the moment, and this one is from Peacocks no less! It's not somewhere I'd usually shop, but the vibrant colours and dipped hem jumped out at me. I'm wearing an 18 here which is unusually large (no gaping buttons or tightness on the arms), so bear that in mind if you stumble across one. 

I'm also wearing my favourite Oliver Bonas necklace, which you totally can't see here (unless you properly zoom in), but is awesome. 

I hope your bank holidays were equally fabulous!

Sunday, 27 March 2016

Out in the Sunshine with LindyBop

Oh hi! It's been a while. eh? I sort of lost my blogging mojo. Actually I lost a bit of my dressing up mojo too. It's partially due to finding my dream denim and now wearing skinny jeans every weekend (unheard of), but also due to wedding planning and trying not to buy any new clothes. That said, I'm definitely going to talk about wedding dress shopping for the plus size woman (albeit on the smaller end of plus size) as I'm now a Pro. Honestly, never start watching Say Yes to the Dress: once you pop you can't stop. 

The sun came out on Friday so I got the legs out and put on a summer dress. This was a steal in the LindyBop Christmas sale (I can't remember now, but I'm sure it was around £8) and I finally got to take the tags off. It felt good to be in something bright and summery as I'm so often rocking the black at work.

Dress: LindyBop
Cardi: Red Herring
Sneakers: Simply Be

Hopefully this is the start of me posting a little more frequently on this blog. I'm also planning to head down to the Fat Positive Clothes Sale in London next Saturday, so do pop down if you're needing a fat shopping fix! I'm going to sign up as a seller and have a bit of a wardrobe clear out; goodness knows I need to!

Thursday, 8 October 2015

Simply Be Sheer Maxi Shirt Dress

 Sometimes you put an outfit on and everything just falls into place. This was one of those times I was LIVING for myself. Messy bun, big hoops and THIS SHIRT DRESS. It's my new favourite thing. I wore it with a bodycon and sandals (lots of dancing required a flat shoe), but I'm looking forward to wearing it out during the day too. WATCH THIS SPACE. 

One of my besties did my hair. It was sort of an accident, but I think I turned it out. 

Shirt dress: Simply Be
Bodycon: ASOS Curve (old)
Gold hoops: gift
Necklace: H&M
Gladiator sandals: Goodness knows (I've had these since 2010!)

You know what, I don't think I ever told you guys that I got engaged! I am now in the throws of wedding planning and, in the midst of all that, finding a plus size wedding dress (mare). But more on that in the next post...

Monday, 24 August 2015

Plus Size Dresses with House of Fraser

When House of Fraser asked if I wanted to choose a dress from their plus size section, obviously I didn't have to think twice. And my goodness it took SUCH a long time to decide! It just shows how far we've come in terms of plus size fashion, that I (admittedly on the lower end of plus size) have this amount of choice. There's still some way to go for fats at the upper end, but we're getting there slowly. 

In the end I chose this Wednesday Addams number from Dorothy Perkins, which is strange in itself as I never think to shop there. I had decided it would be a good work outfit, but ended up taking it out for a spin in the Botanical Gardens of Inverness (as you do). So apologies for the dappled lighting, but I rather like it. 

Pumps: Simply Be
Cardi: Primark

Don't forget they house Biba too- only up to a 22, but my god I want to smother myself in glittery, floor skimming gowns and leopard print.