Monday, 30 September 2013

Kinky boots

You know when you see something so wonderful you just scream 'TAKE MY MONEY'? Well that is actually what happened to me when I saw these amazing boots on the Simply Be website. I also did another scream when they arrived and I saw that they were, indeed, as wonderful as I had hoped.

I decided that my first outing in them would be with my George dress I showcased a couple of posts ago. I was going out to a friend's birthday and, while I wanted to look glam, I wanted to be able to walk and potentially dance.

The cat and I decided to chill out on the landing, but you couldn't really pick up the colour of the boots...

So we moved to the garden with the bunnies....

Gold chain (which I love and want to wear everywhere) is River Island. Leather jacket is Henry Holland, last season. 

You'll be pleased to know I finally got into bed around 4am and that my feet were in perfect condition!

Sunday, 22 September 2013

Tents are for sleeping in ONLY.

I am sitting on the sofa right now, absolutely shattered  and craving Chinese food. Why I thought it was a good idea to squeeze in a final summer festival the weekend before the busiest week ever at work (I work in education and all the students come back on Monday) I have no idea, but I'm glad I did because I had so much fun! 

I love festival fashion. For me it usually means being a bit more daring with my choice of outfit and, best of all, WELLINGTON BOOTS.

So my prep for Brisfest started on the Thursday night with some Sally Hansen Salon Effects nail wraps in Animal Instinct. I went on eBay the other day and managed to get 4 boxes of various designs for about £3.50- bargain! 

I love them and 4 days later they're still going strong (a couple of scratches, but hardly noticeable). 

For the first day I wore this:

Pink bobble hat from Accessorize

I love this outfit and I had lots of compliments on my new wellies that I bought from Marisota, which were only £15 so very pleased with that. I bought them in an EEE fitting as I have wide feet and I wanted to wear big socks, but to be honest I could probably have just bought the standard E as they really are huge! Still, I just popped on some slipper socks and got on with it!

On a practical level, I didn't even consider how annoying it would be pulling down the WHOLE jumpsuit every time I went to the toilet, but....we suffer for fashion.

On day 2 I wore:

You'll notice I've cut my head out of this as I was absolutely dog rough and ain't nobody got time for that. The leggings are from H&M (I'm not sure why I continue to buy my leggings from there as they constantly fall apart) and the top is from the H! by Henry Holland at Debenhams collection. I bought it back at the beginning of summer so it's not available anymore, but I really love the colour and the crazy patterns. 

I think it's time to crawl over to the bed and look up the number of my nearest takeaway. Thanks for reading!

Wednesday, 18 September 2013

Just popping to the supermarket...

Oh the wonders of modern life, where you can pop down to the shops to grab dinner and a super sexy bodycon. Well almost.

I was browsing online for a new dress to wear for a friend's birthday. Nothing was coming up so, in desperation, I went to look at George at Asda, scrolled down the dresses and THIS came up.

As soon as I saw it I wanted it: bodycon, sheer panels and an absolute bargain at £14! It is also an online exclusive, which appeals to me because I hate seeing anyone in the same dress as me. It's available in sizes 8-20 so I went for an 18 as I thought it was the right kind of material to size down in.

So it finally arrived, I eagerly tore off the packaging, threw it over my head and.....I LOVE IT. This is my definition of the term 'freakum': it makes me feel great, it shows off all my good bits and hides the bits I'd rather not show, the length is good (for me) and it's edgy while still remaining classic.

I'm not completely made/accessorised up in these photos, but I'll try and get some good shots on the night. I think this would be great with leopard print heels (I'll pop those on my shopping list) and red lips.

Apologies for the state of the living room! The shoes are old Office favourites and the necklace is from last season H&M (although they have some amazing necklaces at the moment).

Let me know what you think! 

Saturday, 14 September 2013

Living Cruelty Free

It was several years ago now that I decided I would try my best to use only cruelty free products (in my make up bag and the house). I am very vocal about animal rights and so me using products tested on them is pretty hypocritical (and no, I'm not a vegetarian, but we can talk about that another time...)

So it turned out that finding products not tested on animals was actually really hard! I had to get rid of most of my make up because sometimes even when the end product hasn't been tested, all the ingredients in the product have! Complicated and confusing. That said, my general rule now is 'no bunny, no buy'.

So here are some of my favourite cruelty free brands:

1.  Barry M

I love Barry M. When I first became aware of them I was all about the Dazzle Dust (and I still am really), but now I use their products for every day wear, particularly the liquid eyeliners and mascara. 

ELF is an American brand. It's not available in UK stores yet, but you can order online. The value for money is excellent and everything is typically under £5. Every so often they do a 50% off flash sale and you can stock up for the year! Stand out products are the eye shadow Beauty Books, HD blush (a TINY bit goes a long way) and the Studio Matte Lip Colour. 

Superdrug is my high street life saver. BUAV approved, it means I can buy all my essentials (deodorant, shampoo and conditioner, nail varnish remover) in one place without spending ages checking to see if it's cruelty free or not. Their sensitive toothpaste and mouthwash is good (one of the products I was most worried about changing). Oh and it actually ends up being much cheaper too!

4.  Astonish

When I first decided to go cruelty free, I was most worried about replacing all my household products. For a start, I think we have an assumption that if it's not tested then it won't work or it's not hygienic enough (does that make sense?) I also thought it was going to cost a hideous amount of money. Then I discovered Astonish. Not only do Astonish products actually work, but I found them in Poundland! Best buys are their washing up liquid, oven cleaner, liquid handwash and bathroom cleaner. Once, Mr Freakum Dress actually called me up at work to tell me how amazed he was at their kitchen cleaner 'Grease Off' (!)

Obviously this is just a very short list and there are many many amazing cruelty free brands that hopefully I will have the opportunity to write about soon!

Thursday, 12 September 2013

Trippy Talons

My mum works for a well known airline. This means that I'm always getting exciting treats from around the world! One gift I got recently was the Sally Hansen Salon Effects Real Nail Polish Strips in Kitty, Kitty

Nail wraps seem like a good idea to me; I'm not clever enough to do amazing designs on my own nails, can't afford to get them done all the time and don't want to wreck my nails by sticking on fakes! This way I can have super cool nails that actually last.


1. Make sure your nails are really REALLY clean and buff them up to make sure they're smooth.

2. Find the right size nail wrap, pop it on and smooth it down.

3. Here's the slightly tricky part: using a nail file, remove the excess from the tips of your nails.

Apologies for the cruddy photo, but here is the end result!

I TOTALLY LOVE THEM! I was in a shop and the sales assistant asked me where I 'got them done'- result! They also lasted for the full 7 days without even a chip (and I ALWAYS manage to chip my nails within hours).

Loving nail wraps- definitely going to get some more. 

Tuesday, 10 September 2013

AA: ASOS Curve Anonymous

My name is Charlie....and I'm addicted to ASOS. More specifically, ASOS Curve. I honestly think ASOS Curve is the first collection I've seen where I've thought, 'skinny people are going to be soooo jealous that they can't get into this'. 

I often find with ASOS Curve that I have to guess at the sizing a bit. If it's jersey then I'm probably going to have to size down and if it's tailored then I'm going to be sizing up, but sometimes I'll get something in an 18 and it still swamps me! 

I've got a friend's birthday to go to at the end of the month, so I was just having a little look during my tea break and ended up lusting over these beauties...

1. Body Con Dress in Tribal Print with Panels- £25

I love this. I love this so much. It's a little short for me (I like my dresses to be knee length), but I'd wear it with some black tights anyway (and some huge pants).

2. Maxi Dress with Tie Back in Floral Print- £38.50 (reduced from £55)

I've liked this for a long time, but it's so incredibly bold that I've been nervous about taking the plunge. However, I saw another blogger (so sorry I can't remember who it was!) wearing this the other day and saw that it could actually look really good on someone who wasn't 6 foot tall.

3. Skater Dress in Floral Stripe- £25

Did I mention I love flowers? This is really cute. I'd wear it with leggings, ankle boots and my leather jacket.

I'm trying to be extra good this month as we're really trying to save, but...I think we'll be seeing more of the tribal print dress shortly (shhhh!)

Monday, 9 September 2013

Let me fix my hurr


Completely inspired by the wonderful Rachel at, I have decided to start blogging. At first I wanted this to be a blog charting my journey to lose a few pounds, but, let's be honest, weight loss is dull and chocolate is scrummy. I'll put a few recipes up now and then, but on the whole this blog is going to be about dresses, shoes and what a MASSIVE shopaholic I am.

I have far too many clothes. I have dresses that I've owned for YEARS that still have tags on, which I am not condoning. However, I do tend to buy things that I love and then wear them to death. These are, currently:

This wonderful dress from Marisota. The photo is the baby blue version, but I own the navy with yellow bows. Needless to say I paid more than what it's going for now- £15! What a bargain! This is really easy to dress up or down (I'm wearing it today for work actually...)

The next item is this wonderful polka dot jumpsuit from ASOS Curve (the best plus size collection in the world in my opinion). It's worth eating cake just to fit into this. Go on, eat some cake.