Tuesday, 10 September 2013

AA: ASOS Curve Anonymous

My name is Charlie....and I'm addicted to ASOS. More specifically, ASOS Curve. I honestly think ASOS Curve is the first collection I've seen where I've thought, 'skinny people are going to be soooo jealous that they can't get into this'. 

I often find with ASOS Curve that I have to guess at the sizing a bit. If it's jersey then I'm probably going to have to size down and if it's tailored then I'm going to be sizing up, but sometimes I'll get something in an 18 and it still swamps me! 

I've got a friend's birthday to go to at the end of the month, so I was just having a little look during my tea break and ended up lusting over these beauties...

1. Body Con Dress in Tribal Print with Panels- £25

I love this. I love this so much. It's a little short for me (I like my dresses to be knee length), but I'd wear it with some black tights anyway (and some huge pants).

2. Maxi Dress with Tie Back in Floral Print- £38.50 (reduced from £55)

I've liked this for a long time, but it's so incredibly bold that I've been nervous about taking the plunge. However, I saw another blogger (so sorry I can't remember who it was!) wearing this the other day and saw that it could actually look really good on someone who wasn't 6 foot tall.

3. Skater Dress in Floral Stripe- £25

Did I mention I love flowers? This is really cute. I'd wear it with leggings, ankle boots and my leather jacket.

I'm trying to be extra good this month as we're really trying to save, but...I think we'll be seeing more of the tribal print dress shortly (shhhh!)