Wednesday, 18 September 2013

Just popping to the supermarket...

Oh the wonders of modern life, where you can pop down to the shops to grab dinner and a super sexy bodycon. Well almost.

I was browsing online for a new dress to wear for a friend's birthday. Nothing was coming up so, in desperation, I went to look at George at Asda, scrolled down the dresses and THIS came up.

As soon as I saw it I wanted it: bodycon, sheer panels and an absolute bargain at £14! It is also an online exclusive, which appeals to me because I hate seeing anyone in the same dress as me. It's available in sizes 8-20 so I went for an 18 as I thought it was the right kind of material to size down in.

So it finally arrived, I eagerly tore off the packaging, threw it over my head and.....I LOVE IT. This is my definition of the term 'freakum': it makes me feel great, it shows off all my good bits and hides the bits I'd rather not show, the length is good (for me) and it's edgy while still remaining classic.

I'm not completely made/accessorised up in these photos, but I'll try and get some good shots on the night. I think this would be great with leopard print heels (I'll pop those on my shopping list) and red lips.

Apologies for the state of the living room! The shoes are old Office favourites and the necklace is from last season H&M (although they have some amazing necklaces at the moment).

Let me know what you think!