Monday, 9 September 2013

Let me fix my hurr


Completely inspired by the wonderful Rachel at, I have decided to start blogging. At first I wanted this to be a blog charting my journey to lose a few pounds, but, let's be honest, weight loss is dull and chocolate is scrummy. I'll put a few recipes up now and then, but on the whole this blog is going to be about dresses, shoes and what a MASSIVE shopaholic I am.

I have far too many clothes. I have dresses that I've owned for YEARS that still have tags on, which I am not condoning. However, I do tend to buy things that I love and then wear them to death. These are, currently:

This wonderful dress from Marisota. The photo is the baby blue version, but I own the navy with yellow bows. Needless to say I paid more than what it's going for now- £15! What a bargain! This is really easy to dress up or down (I'm wearing it today for work actually...)

The next item is this wonderful polka dot jumpsuit from ASOS Curve (the best plus size collection in the world in my opinion). It's worth eating cake just to fit into this. Go on, eat some cake.