Saturday, 14 September 2013

Living Cruelty Free

It was several years ago now that I decided I would try my best to use only cruelty free products (in my make up bag and the house). I am very vocal about animal rights and so me using products tested on them is pretty hypocritical (and no, I'm not a vegetarian, but we can talk about that another time...)

So it turned out that finding products not tested on animals was actually really hard! I had to get rid of most of my make up because sometimes even when the end product hasn't been tested, all the ingredients in the product have! Complicated and confusing. That said, my general rule now is 'no bunny, no buy'.

So here are some of my favourite cruelty free brands:

1.  Barry M

I love Barry M. When I first became aware of them I was all about the Dazzle Dust (and I still am really), but now I use their products for every day wear, particularly the liquid eyeliners and mascara. 

ELF is an American brand. It's not available in UK stores yet, but you can order online. The value for money is excellent and everything is typically under £5. Every so often they do a 50% off flash sale and you can stock up for the year! Stand out products are the eye shadow Beauty Books, HD blush (a TINY bit goes a long way) and the Studio Matte Lip Colour. 

Superdrug is my high street life saver. BUAV approved, it means I can buy all my essentials (deodorant, shampoo and conditioner, nail varnish remover) in one place without spending ages checking to see if it's cruelty free or not. Their sensitive toothpaste and mouthwash is good (one of the products I was most worried about changing). Oh and it actually ends up being much cheaper too!

4.  Astonish

When I first decided to go cruelty free, I was most worried about replacing all my household products. For a start, I think we have an assumption that if it's not tested then it won't work or it's not hygienic enough (does that make sense?) I also thought it was going to cost a hideous amount of money. Then I discovered Astonish. Not only do Astonish products actually work, but I found them in Poundland! Best buys are their washing up liquid, oven cleaner, liquid handwash and bathroom cleaner. Once, Mr Freakum Dress actually called me up at work to tell me how amazed he was at their kitchen cleaner 'Grease Off' (!)

Obviously this is just a very short list and there are many many amazing cruelty free brands that hopefully I will have the opportunity to write about soon!