Friday, 18 October 2013

You're my Wonderwall

You're my Wonderwall? What does that even mean?! Anyway, if I was singing it to A|wear right now I'd be saying 'you're my coat of dreamssssss'. Because it is. And I love it. And I'm never taking it off.

I was so excited about this coat: look how pretty it is! There's faux fur (detachable), there's purple, there's little strings, there's gold zips, there's a cat hat....oh, wait. The cat hat doesn't actually come with the coat, but I added it to my basket so that I could get free delivery (and, er, a cat hat).

God I look tired in these photos- they were taken at about 7am so excuse the raisin eyes.

Now, I bought this coat for £45 and I see it's back up to £60 so I'm really pleased that I managed to grab a bargain. I also got it in an 18 and it actually fits over my bum so I am also pleased about that! The hood is enormous though- better not attempt to drive anywhere with hood up in case I veer off into a tree.

If I have one criticism of A|wear, it's that it doesn't have a plus size line and the main collection only goes up to an 18 (and not always). A|wear, don't make us fatties browse the jewellery and accessories sections! We need beautiful dresses too!