Saturday, 23 November 2013


So you know when you pop down the shops for some face wipes and come back with a jacket, a skirt and a new pair of boots? No? Yes. Yes you do.

Look, I needed them. What do you want me to wear? Rags? (This is the sort of thing I said on my return.)

First up, beautiful BEAUTIFUL Evans boots (shown in my last OOTD post). Look at them all studded and fabulous. 

I also tried on these beauties, but the store didn't have them in the size I needed- I'd usually wear an 8, but in a wider fitting shoe I can size down. Needless to say I went straight online to get a pair which, by the way, you should do immediately as Evans currently have a bit of a sale on!

So the second purchase was this jacket, available from Principles

Do Principles still have actual shops? I only ever see them in Debenhams now. I bought this to go over a dress so that I could keep warm and stay looking smart at a wedding the other weekend. However, this is also going to be great for work. I really love the zipped up pockets (and the pockets are REAL) and the quality is good (nothing worse than a shiny suit jacket).

Finally I bought this skirt from Dorothy Perkins. If it's red and it's leopard print then I'm getting it- that's how it goes down. I've seen this on Rachel's blog too and Leah has a very similar one from Asda (I did actually go to buy that one but it was out in my size).

Outfit post with them soon. Actually, I think they'd all go together pretty well for work- bring on Monday!