Wednesday, 4 December 2013

Is it a glove? Is it a shoe? No, it's a skirt!

When Evans recently had a 50% flash sale, I knew I had to go on and purchase this skirt and, to be honest, I don't wear skirts that often. I just loved the brightness, the pattern and the shape. And at £22.50 instead of £45 I would have been a fool not to! It arrived today and I shrieked, ran to the shop and picked it up. 

 Skirt: Clements Ribiero Swan Navy Glove Print Panel Skirt- Evans
Top: Black lace top- H&M
Necklace: Pearls- Accessorize
Shoes: Black wedges- Primark

Look at the beautiful print! It's gloves. GLOVES:

I got this in a size 18, but it has a lot of stretch so I'd recommend sizing down. It also comes with a matching top, but I'm not brave enough for that!