Thursday, 26 December 2013

OOTD: Boxing Day

It's Boxing day, which means....slob fest. Checked shirt, stretchy leggings, slipper socks! 

I picked up the shirt from Tesco on Christmas Eve. It's Cherokee and is currently reduced to £12. I bought it in an 18, but as you can see I'm wearing a strappy top underneath and although I could button it up it would really gape. I just hate having to size up and it being all shapeless! Shirt rage.

I'm also wearing a black skirt and leggings from the H&M basics range and a gold chain courtesy of River Island.

Now for the close up...

I did my whole head in 10 minutes using Babyliss Perfect Curl (an amazing Christmas present!) It's a bit rough as it was my first attempt, but I'm really really impressed! I'm terrible with hair, but it seems like this has been made for people that aren't talented enough to do it properly with curlers or a wand. 

I hope everyone had a fantastic Christmas. I don't think it's possible for me to fit any more food in my body, but I'll give it a good go.