Sunday, 29 December 2013

Peacock Strut

Well, Christmas is over, New Year is around the corner and the sales are GO GO GO! I'm not one for waking up at 3am on Boxing Day to get down to the Next sale,  but I do like getting my hands on a bargain. By the end of Boxing Day I'd already bought 4 dresses online...but there will be time for them later. The dress in this post was bought in store; in Peacocks, no less. I don't know how you feel about Peacocks, but I've always found them fairly hit and miss. A lot of the time the fabric is cheap and the items poor quality; then again, the prices are very reasonable so that makes me care less about that sort of thing. Anyway, I couldn't say no to this little gem and decided to wear it on a night out:

A close up of my Mr T necklace. This dress is VERY pink (for me).

Dress: Peacocks (Size 18, but my god I'm breathing in), £12 in the sale!
Necklace: H&M
Shoes: Evans

This dress is fairly out of my comfort zone. For a start it's bright pink and I never wear pink! It also has little sleeves which I'm not usually keen on as my arms are a source of despair to me (I tend to keep it covered up with a cardi). I also generally like to keep it bootylicious and this flares out from the waist- that said, I think I needed it after consuming 15 tonnes of Quality Street and the shape is really nice. If you do go for this dress you might want to think about trying a couple of sizes- for me the top and bottom halves of the dress were both fine, but it was super tight around the waist! I decided to breathe in, drink wine and not care about it. 

And now I'm off to have a snoop at other people's party dresses!