Friday, 27 December 2013

Size Isn't Everything

The title of this post is, coincidentally, the title of the first Bee Gees album I ever owned (sigh), but, you may or not be pleased to find out, this post is not about the wonderful Bee Gees. It is, in fact, about tiny watches! I love watches and I hate having to look at my phone to tell the time. A watch can really make an outfit and I like to have a little selection for work, formal occasions and nights out. One type that has recently come to my attention is the mini watch- isn't that a great idea? A tiny watch! You can wear it like an accessory and layer it up with other bracelets to really make a statement.

Below I've chosen the Marc Jacobs Mini Henry Watch (available for £121 from The Watch Hut) and chosen some gorgeous gold bracelets from River Island to layer it up with. 

What do you think? Share your amazing watches with me!