Wednesday, 29 January 2014

Is it a bird? Is it a plane?

It's meee! Charlie! Or....Sherlock? I do love a good cape. I have a beautiful cape from Dorothy Perkins (that I'm also trying to sell- anyone?) a couple of years ago and everyone mocked me for it. Oh well, we suffer for style. My latest adventure into capes comes courtesy of Simply Be. I wanted a winter coat, but I didn't want to get my usual black and boring, so I decided to go for this tweed number.

When it arrived I really wasn't sure, so I left it on the hanger for a few days, but today I finally decided to wear it and I'm so glad I did! So many comments from people! I particularly love the way the belt nips it in at the waist (although the belt is pretty short).

Some casual posing at work...

Followed by some casual (and slightly insane) posing on the way home...

The only negative thing I can say about this cape is OH MY GOD MY ARMS ARE SO COLD. Once the belt is tied, that's it for your arms- they're staying out! Definitely longer sleeves tomorrow (and some gloves).

Saturday, 25 January 2014

Burns and Baroque and B.A.Baracus

Another weekend and another opportunity to throw on a recent purchase. The other day I actually said 'I think I have enough dresses for now'- UNHEARD OF! Honestly though, I could probably go a few months weeks just wearing new combinations. Terrible.

Today was a fairly casual day; we just had to pop out to get some shopping and do some bits around the house, but, as per usual, I wanted to wear something nice as it was the weekend. I chose this lovely Simply Be dress, originally modelled by Nancy of Sugar, Darling? In fact, I now own both dresses she modelled! 

I was trying out the camera on my new phone so apologies if the photos aren't particularly good. I'm going back to the camera next time...

I'm still in love with my H&M necklace...

Dress: Simply Be
Boots: Evans
Necklace: H&M
Buffalo Stance: Model's own

I live with a Scot so we always celebrate Burns Night. I made (yes- MADE) scotch pies and then he cooked us up some haggis, tatties, asparagus and whisky sauce (okay the asparagus isn't traditional, but it was delicious). 

Happy Burns Night all! 

Wednesday, 22 January 2014

Oh Anna, you came and you gave me a PU skirt...

I think everyone has a brand/designer that they love so much they would wear every day if they could. Mine are Vivienne Westwood, Lulu Guinness and Anna Scholz. I'm not one for fakes and I don't have the money to splurge (although I am the proud owner of a few LG make up purses/totes/one glorious handbag), but the Anna Scholz sale is really pushing me this year. I've picked a few items below from the sale rails that I really love (and one that I am THIS close to buying).

Crepe Jersey Keyhole Dress, £67.

I love the colour, I love the cut out detail and I love her boots (I know they're not included, but still!)

Crepe Tailoring Sculpting Legging, £62.

I know £62 is a lot to pay for leggings, but they are gorgeous, would be great for work and I love the way they're high waisted so would give you a great shape. I'm all for smoothing out the lumpy bits. 

PU Quilted Mini Skirt, £75.

This is currently sitting in my shopping basket as I continue to procrastinate. I absolutely love this, I'm all about the quilting and I know I will wear this TO DEATH. But...£75 you know?
Suedette Bomber Jacket, £117.

Last night my sister saw someone on the telly (oh wait, I think it was Michael Jackson) wearing a bomber jacket and said 'Charlie would still wear her one from school if she could'- she's right, I would! Bomber jacket combined with animal print? Instant love.

You never know, there might just be an outfit post coming up with a gorgeous PU skirt involved or....I might just have to replace the clutch in the car. Damn you, life!

Sunday, 19 January 2014

OOTD: Goth chic

Today's OOTD is brought to you courtesy of the ASOS sale, a strange ring my mother bought me for Christmas and my desire to start wearing dark lippy again. I did used to wear dark lippy- black- on the daily while I was at college. Needless to say I can't pull that off now, but I'm enjoying deep plums and reddy browns.

I love the little cap sleeves and the lace overlay. Only down sides are that it creases very easily (which you can see below) and I spent ages thinking I'd got a dud before I realised the lace was supposed to be diagonal.

Little snake ring that my mum got me for Christmas. It reminds me of being back at school. Actually it would probably go really well with that Marilyn Manson hoodie...

I have to spare a moment to talk about these ankle boots. They are from TRAID in Shepherds Bush. TRAID is a charity shop although it's the size of a flippin' warehouse! Almost everything in there (including these boots) is £2 (other than leather, which they charge...£6 for). They have shops all over London so do see if there's one near you. These were such a bargain and they are so comfortable, I can't stop wearing them. 

Dress: ASOS Curve
Boots: TRAID

I wore this outfit to go down the shops to have a coffee. Well if you can't dress up a bit at the weekend when can you! 

Saturday, 18 January 2014


What a week. Honestly, I feel like I haven't stopped at work, running back and forth between sites, staying late and just generally feeling exhausted so I am ECSTATIC that it is the weekend.

As we've both had a pretty rough week we didn't plan to do anything this weekend and so just decided to potter about, browsing charity shops and occasionally stopping for coffee. Annoyed that all week I'd been wearing black, black, black, boring jewellery and a bit more black, I decided to grab the tightest thing I own and throw it on. And my body's too bootylicious for you baaaabbbeeee!

I also threw on a hat because it was FREEZING. Oh, and my amazing gold chain that Mr FD bought me yesterday as a surprise! He just walks into shops and asks where the Mr T section is now.

Dress: G21 Jacquard Midi Dress
Boots: Evans
Hat: John Rocha
Necklace: H&M

I love the colour and the pattern of this dress. I bought it on Boxing Day online for £7- the bargain! It IS tight, but I don't care about the VBO. It's okay to think you're bangin' every so often (and to covet Mr T's jewellery collection).

Wednesday, 15 January 2014

Spring is in the air...

I can't believe Christmas was only a few weeks ago now; it's like it never happened! Not only that, but my wallet is still recovering after being attacked by The Sales and already I've seen a zillion new things to buy! 

I've had a peek and made a wishlist. Unfortunately, my wishlists usually turn into reality, which I'm sure my wallet won't be thanking me for next month...

1. ASOS Curve Bodycon Dress with Sequin panels
2. Mango Violeta Studded Waist Belt
3. Graduate Fashion Week Geo Knit Midi Dress (George at Asda)
4. Zara Chain and Link Necklace
5. Carmakoma Jumpsuit
6. M&S Round Face Leopard Print Expandable Watch

Agh I genuinely want everything on this list! It's all pretty reasonably priced though, other than the jumpsuit which is around £100, but I'd wear it all the time....(why am I justifying this on my own blog?!)

Has anyone else spied any other corkers? Link me below- I'm a fiend! 

Monday, 13 January 2014

ASOS Swap Shop of Dreams

I think I should start this post by warning you that there are going to be a lot of pictures! I've tried to keep them as small as possible though, so it shouldn't take too long to load.

As I've mentioned previously, on Saturday I went along to ASOS HQ to meet some other ASOS Insiders and take part in a Swap Shop. Each attendee had to bring along a maximum of three items of clothing  to swap (these had to be clean and new/relatively unused). To be honest...this was fairly easy for me. I'm terrible at buying things and then never wearing them, it's the impulse shopper in me!

I should probably start off with my outfit... I wore my AX Paris Curve dress. I love the cut out detailing at the top, the colour, the fairly heavy material, the is perfection! I added a chunky belt to break it up a bit and wore my trusty Evans ankle boots (as I was expecting to do a bit of walking). 

After a mingle we had a talk about ASOS Marketplace. I hadn't really looked at Marketplace before, but I found it really interesting. It's a mix of boutiques and wardrobes- can you imagine being able to peruse a blogger's wardrobe?! I'm sold.

Here are a few shots of the rails before the carnage occurred...

One of the best parts of the day for me was meeting so many nice people and some who I'd only spoken to on Twitter before! 

Charlotte from Apple Charlotte (watch this space for amazing fashion happenings)

Lizi from Glasses Girl

And Lucy from Lucy Loves, although the only shot I have of her is here during a particularly tense moment (waiting to RUN RUN RUN)...

and here during the dash and grab (I'm joking of course. No one was hurt.) Oh, AND Danielle from Miss Sunshine and Sparkle (no photo, she was probably moving too fast). 


Once we'd gone mad on the swap rails (most of us leaving with more than we'd brought along), we had a talk from Mod Dolly...

and House of Jam...

I have to be honest and say that I went along to this thinking 'CLOTHES CLOTHES FREE CLOTHES OMG', but actually what I enjoyed most about it was meeting other fashion freaks and listening to the talks. The talk by House of Jam particularly inspired me as they started just like me- selling out of the flat and going to markets and charity shops! I left buzzing with ideas and realising just how much I'd neglected my own business. It's something I'm passionate about so I should be dedicating more time and energy to it. 

So another big thank you to ASOS for inviting me. My boyfriend said he had never ever seen me that excited before (and is now bored of me talking about my new dresses/onesie). Clothes!

Sunday, 12 January 2014

Stylin' up the Swap Shop

Yesterday I was lucky enough to spend the day at ASOS HQ to take part in their Swap Shop. I was nervous about popping along by myself, but I shouldn't have worried because I met some really lovely people and had a great time. But enough of that, I'll have a VERY picture heavy post up soon!

I left the Swap Shop with 3 lovely dresses and a onesie. I've been looking for a fat girl onesie for so long and I finally have one! I might have to live in it now. But I digress. ASOS challenged us to style up one (or more) of our Swap Shops finds to be in with a chance of winning £100 to spend on! Well, if I can make even a small dent in my wish list then I'm definitely going to try.

One of the dresses I found was this little beauty, courtesy of Steph from Nerd About Town:

It was a little bit risky for me as I rarely wear peachy colours. It's also clearly a summer dress and, er, it's not summer. God knows how I don't look like I'm crying from the icy cold in the following photos. THE THINGS WE DO FOR FASHION.

I popped on a nice chunky belt, black tights and my Joanna Hope ankle boots to give me a bit of height (although they're just so comfy). 

I also picked up a beautiful velvet 'kimono style' maxi dress, courtesy of ASOS Curve (with fewer plus sizes there they bulked up the rails a bit). I decided to style it up with my silver heels, some chunky jewellery and my bling cockatiel hair clip that I got for Christmas (and don't have enough places to wear to). 

Just look at that Jolie leg. Who do I think I am....

Thanks for having me, ASOS! I'm already looking forward to my next invite! 

Body Confidence Week 2014: The Final Day

I made it through the week! When I first saw this challenge I thought 'pah, this'll be fun', but actually it has been harder than I expected, especially when I've been forced to confront aspects of myself that I'm not particularly happy with. I realise that I say I'm body confident, but rather than accepting I ignore...which is not the best thing to do. 

Anyway, on to Day 7- THE FINAL DAY:

'Nothing is easier than a Sunday morning. No exception for Body Confidence Week! Take a picture when you just wake up. Maybe still wrapped in your warm sheets with no makeup on, or gel in your hair. Maybe with your morning cuppa. Just nice and easy.'

I think you can tell this is when I've just woken up! My hair always seems to volumise by a few inches in the night....


Saturday, 11 January 2014

Body Confidence Week 2014: Day Five and Six!

Whoops! I seem to have missed out a day. Oh well, let's do a twofer! 

Friday's task was:

'Casual Fridays are a common thing, so why not take a cheeky selfie showing off your onesie, or whatever you deem casual. G’wan, its Friday. You gotta get down on Friday.'

So this is me in my slanket (blanket with sleeves). I can honestly say that since I received this a few years life changed. It is officially the warmest thing ever. EVER. I'm pretty sure Ranulph Fiennes takes this with him to the Arctic. Just look how happy I am.

Saturday's task is:

'Saturday is the day we generally make ourselves up with clothes that make us feel good. Take a picture in your favourite outfit. Why does it make you feel good? Why are you more confident in this outfit? Because you’re super rad and this outfit shows it? Yeah, I thought so. Just call me the oracle, or your personal ‘feel good mentor’. I’ll always be there to call you all sorts of nice names.'  

Here is my favourite dress and my go-to when nothing else looks right. It's a flowery tea dress from Dorothy Perkins and I must have bought it over 5 years ago now. It's a shape that suits me and I always feel good when I'm wearing it. The zip is knackered on it now and needs replacing, but once that's done I'll be off wearing it again! I don't really have any full lengthers and it's broken at the moment, but you get the gist of it...

Thursday, 9 January 2014

Body Confidence Week 2014: Day Four

The task for Day Four is:

'Take a picture in public. Lets face it. Selfies are so common now that its a legitimate word in the dictionary. People won’t be nearly as concerned as you think they’ll be. And if they do notice you, hey you’re looking good! You go Glen Coco!'

So here is me on the train! Okay okay, it didn't go that well. Mainly because the woman next to me was wondering why I was trying to get the rest of the carriage in the picture...