Monday, 6 January 2014

ASOS Insider

Hello everybody,

Every year I tell myself I'm going to do something a bit more exciting. Last year I set up my own business (that's exciting enough for one year thank you very much) and this year I'm going to put myself forward for more and take up more opportunities that come my way. 

This is sort of along those lines. Last year I applied to be an ASOS insider and, just after Christmas, I received this in the post to tell me that I'd been successful! Inside was some mini bunting, nail art stickers, a fortune cookie and a lovely personal note from Penny at ASOS. Needless to say....I was excited. 

I'm a big fan of ASOS, particularly their Curve range and I own a lot (cough) of their stuff. My latest order went in just last night (it doesn't count under the January Spending Ban as I used Mr FD's card to pay for them...) and I'll be reviewing these two dresses shortly:

This will be my first swing dress and I'm not sure how it will look on my shape. It was down to £11 though so I had to try it!

Cass reviewed this on her blog here and I just loved it. I think we have very similar shapes (bootylicious) so hopefully it'll look just as good when it arrives!

This year I'd like to actually meet some of the people I spend so much time reading about/chatting to on Twitter. I plan to attend some clothes swaps and maybe even some meet ups (scary). Bring on 2014!