Monday, 13 January 2014

ASOS Swap Shop of Dreams

I think I should start this post by warning you that there are going to be a lot of pictures! I've tried to keep them as small as possible though, so it shouldn't take too long to load.

As I've mentioned previously, on Saturday I went along to ASOS HQ to meet some other ASOS Insiders and take part in a Swap Shop. Each attendee had to bring along a maximum of three items of clothing  to swap (these had to be clean and new/relatively unused). To be honest...this was fairly easy for me. I'm terrible at buying things and then never wearing them, it's the impulse shopper in me!

I should probably start off with my outfit... I wore my AX Paris Curve dress. I love the cut out detailing at the top, the colour, the fairly heavy material, the is perfection! I added a chunky belt to break it up a bit and wore my trusty Evans ankle boots (as I was expecting to do a bit of walking). 

After a mingle we had a talk about ASOS Marketplace. I hadn't really looked at Marketplace before, but I found it really interesting. It's a mix of boutiques and wardrobes- can you imagine being able to peruse a blogger's wardrobe?! I'm sold.

Here are a few shots of the rails before the carnage occurred...

One of the best parts of the day for me was meeting so many nice people and some who I'd only spoken to on Twitter before! 

Charlotte from Apple Charlotte (watch this space for amazing fashion happenings)

Lizi from Glasses Girl

And Lucy from Lucy Loves, although the only shot I have of her is here during a particularly tense moment (waiting to RUN RUN RUN)...

and here during the dash and grab (I'm joking of course. No one was hurt.) Oh, AND Danielle from Miss Sunshine and Sparkle (no photo, she was probably moving too fast). 


Once we'd gone mad on the swap rails (most of us leaving with more than we'd brought along), we had a talk from Mod Dolly...

and House of Jam...

I have to be honest and say that I went along to this thinking 'CLOTHES CLOTHES FREE CLOTHES OMG', but actually what I enjoyed most about it was meeting other fashion freaks and listening to the talks. The talk by House of Jam particularly inspired me as they started just like me- selling out of the flat and going to markets and charity shops! I left buzzing with ideas and realising just how much I'd neglected my own business. It's something I'm passionate about so I should be dedicating more time and energy to it. 

So another big thank you to ASOS for inviting me. My boyfriend said he had never ever seen me that excited before (and is now bored of me talking about my new dresses/onesie). Clothes!