Tuesday, 7 January 2014

Body Confidence Week 2014: Day Two

Today's task, as set by Aly, is: 

'Post your favourite picture of yourself. It’s ok to love the way you look. No matter of your age, sex, race, orientation, size, whether you wear odd socks or not. We love you, because you are able to love yourself. This picture can be one from yesteryear (whatever the chuff that means), or if you’re loving yourself a lot today, then post a blooming picture of yourself from today!' 

In this photo I'm not wearing any make up, I've got my 'not out of the house' glasses on and I'm utterly exhausted, but I do smile when I look at it. I was moving back down to London (on my own for the first few months) and so we'd bought a cheap car and decided to drive all the way down. Well, we got to Perth and the head gasket went. We had to spend a LOT of money joining the RAC and they wouldn't even tow us all the way back home! In the end we nursed the car another 70 miles or so before breaking down again and finally getting dragged back to Aberdeen. 'Mare! This photo is of us sitting in the front of the tow truck with UTTER RELIEF on our faces.