Sunday, 19 January 2014

OOTD: Goth chic

Today's OOTD is brought to you courtesy of the ASOS sale, a strange ring my mother bought me for Christmas and my desire to start wearing dark lippy again. I did used to wear dark lippy- black- on the daily while I was at college. Needless to say I can't pull that off now, but I'm enjoying deep plums and reddy browns.

I love the little cap sleeves and the lace overlay. Only down sides are that it creases very easily (which you can see below) and I spent ages thinking I'd got a dud before I realised the lace was supposed to be diagonal.

Little snake ring that my mum got me for Christmas. It reminds me of being back at school. Actually it would probably go really well with that Marilyn Manson hoodie...

I have to spare a moment to talk about these ankle boots. They are from TRAID in Shepherds Bush. TRAID is a charity shop although it's the size of a flippin' warehouse! Almost everything in there (including these boots) is £2 (other than leather, which they charge...£6 for). They have shops all over London so do see if there's one near you. These were such a bargain and they are so comfortable, I can't stop wearing them. 

Dress: ASOS Curve
Boots: TRAID

I wore this outfit to go down the shops to have a coffee. Well if you can't dress up a bit at the weekend when can you!