Wednesday, 15 January 2014

Spring is in the air...

I can't believe Christmas was only a few weeks ago now; it's like it never happened! Not only that, but my wallet is still recovering after being attacked by The Sales and already I've seen a zillion new things to buy! 

I've had a peek and made a wishlist. Unfortunately, my wishlists usually turn into reality, which I'm sure my wallet won't be thanking me for next month...

1. ASOS Curve Bodycon Dress with Sequin panels
2. Mango Violeta Studded Waist Belt
3. Graduate Fashion Week Geo Knit Midi Dress (George at Asda)
4. Zara Chain and Link Necklace
5. Carmakoma Jumpsuit
6. M&S Round Face Leopard Print Expandable Watch

Agh I genuinely want everything on this list! It's all pretty reasonably priced though, other than the jumpsuit which is around £100, but I'd wear it all the time....(why am I justifying this on my own blog?!)

Has anyone else spied any other corkers? Link me below- I'm a fiend!