Sunday, 12 January 2014

Stylin' up the Swap Shop

Yesterday I was lucky enough to spend the day at ASOS HQ to take part in their Swap Shop. I was nervous about popping along by myself, but I shouldn't have worried because I met some really lovely people and had a great time. But enough of that, I'll have a VERY picture heavy post up soon!

I left the Swap Shop with 3 lovely dresses and a onesie. I've been looking for a fat girl onesie for so long and I finally have one! I might have to live in it now. But I digress. ASOS challenged us to style up one (or more) of our Swap Shops finds to be in with a chance of winning £100 to spend on! Well, if I can make even a small dent in my wish list then I'm definitely going to try.

One of the dresses I found was this little beauty, courtesy of Steph from Nerd About Town:

It was a little bit risky for me as I rarely wear peachy colours. It's also clearly a summer dress and, er, it's not summer. God knows how I don't look like I'm crying from the icy cold in the following photos. THE THINGS WE DO FOR FASHION.

I popped on a nice chunky belt, black tights and my Joanna Hope ankle boots to give me a bit of height (although they're just so comfy). 

I also picked up a beautiful velvet 'kimono style' maxi dress, courtesy of ASOS Curve (with fewer plus sizes there they bulked up the rails a bit). I decided to style it up with my silver heels, some chunky jewellery and my bling cockatiel hair clip that I got for Christmas (and don't have enough places to wear to). 

Just look at that Jolie leg. Who do I think I am....

Thanks for having me, ASOS! I'm already looking forward to my next invite!