Monday, 10 February 2014

Next: London Fashion Week

London Fashion Week is nearly here and I really can't wait to see a) what everyone is wearing and b) what's going to come down that cat walk. I work near Somerset House so I'm DEFINITELY going to be down there to see what's happening!

I've been going to Next a lot recently. I always used to associate them with either the young or the old, but they have some really gorgeous stuff in at the moment. I was talking about them at the weekend and I think they're a brand you expect a certain standard of quality from, but at the same time you don't expect to pay the earth. 

I've picked out a few pieces that I'd put together if I was popping down to a cat walk show:

I absolutely love this Black Check Mesh Dress, it's a proper wardrobe staple and a nice twist on a traditional LBD. Oh, AND it goes up to a size 26! Another thing I didn't know about Next.

The Gold Chunky Link Bracelet is right up my street (there's also a matching necklace) and the Soft Cuff Clutch Bag brings a little more glam (you know I'm all about that black and gold). The High Front Shoe Boots makes it all a bit edgier. 

So, are you going? And who are you looking forward to (Tom Ford!)?