Friday, 7 February 2014

Shine On You Crazy Diamond

77 Diamonds is celebrating our diamond best friends this Valentine's day, so when they contacted me and asked me to talk about my best friend I leapt at the chance! If I'm honest, I have a few best friends- I think that's okay, right? They're people I've met through different walks of life. I don't think there's a rule that you have to have been born next to your best friend, some really special people I'm only just meeting now! 

I met Laura when I went back to school in Scotland nearly 4 years ago. We were part of the 'English posse', didn't know anyone and had left our lives behind to try something new.

It took a while for Laura and I to become close friends, namely because she became ill and had to spend some time in hospital (studying for a Masters and being sick is HARD), but we actually ended up living together! Those months are some of the best memories I have of our time in Scotland (sometimes for all the wrong reasons and sometimes I'm astonished I can remember anything at all). 

Laura had to go to the hospital every week; long story short she has Type 1 diabetes and it affects her joints. It wasn't until we lived together around 9 months after meeting that I really understood the sort of pain she was in. I can honestly say she never ever complained and even though sometimes I knew she would return from the hospital very upset, she still didn't spend her time feeling down. 

A few years down the line we've both done well for ourselves, working in our chosen profession and still seeing each other often despite living 100 miles apart! Laura (although she will probably kill me for talking about this) is back in hospital again and once again I am astounded at how positive she is. She never talks about being ill, only about getting better and all the incredibly fun adventures we'll be going on once she is. 

So yes, if we're talking about diamonds then I think she fits the criteria! 

Another thing we have in common is that we both love a bit of bling, so I have chosen some of my favourite 77 Diamonds pieces below:

Happy Valentine's Day!