Sunday, 16 March 2014

30 Days, 30 Dresses: Half Way!

Yes we're half way there! Well, to be honest, if I'd actually been successful then I'd be on about Day Three. But I'm still persevering (and props to you for persevering too).

Still, here are a couple of photos...and one of them is a skirt/top combo. I AM A FAILURE.

First up, my Ideal Home Show outfit. I fancied wearing a bit of colour and this bubblegum pink scuba skirt from Primark is an absolute beaut. As you can tell (from the darkness) this is after our return when I'd been attacked by someone determined to turn my eyebrows into evil genius mode. 

Necklace: H&M
Top: H&M
Pink scuba skirt: Primark
Floral shoes: New Look (old)

Next up, the outfit I wore to go to the Marisota Pop Up Shop (more on that later)! Again, these were taken on my return and I didn't notice the blurriness at the time (although by that point everything was a bit blurry to me so I probably thought they were fine).

Necklace: River Island
Checked shirt: Tesco/Cherokee
Mesh bodycon: G21
 Boots: Evans

I didn't get an arse shot in this dress, but I have to say it looked absolutely bangin'. I feel excellent every time I wear this and there are some sizes of the red version still available here

Now get over and have a look at some of the ladies who are doing it properly: