Tuesday, 4 March 2014

Lakeside Meet

On Saturday I had the pleasure of going shopping with three wonderful ladies: Mookie, Abi and Leah

It was so nice to finally put voices to faces! You read someone's blog for so long, you chat through comments and on Twitter and you sort of feel as if you know each other. As soon as I got there it felt like we'd all known each other for years and after the first hour in Primark (yes, I said the FIRST HOUR) I knew it was going to be a good way to spend a Saturday.

I also managed to find my clothes twin in Abi. I swear I loved everything she picked up and I think we went home with pretty much exactly the same jewellery. Bling? Check. Tacky? Check.

We essentially took over the changing rooms at Evans and Yours. I think people thought we were killing someone the amount of screeching and cackling that was coming out of there!

I'll do a more focused post about the shops we visited, but for now I'll just show you a few photos of my Primark jewellery haul (you'll just have to wait for the rest later):

Bling, bling, bling, bling, Dynasty, bling.