Sunday, 20 April 2014

OOTD: Good Friday and...Saturday?

Ahh Easter weekend; four days off work! Hooray! It's so nice to just have time off, relax and do whatever we like. I've definitely been trying to catch up with friends, be productive and ensure I'm not just slobbing out all day though (except for now, obviously, all slanket clad). 


We'd been at a gig the night before and I'd bought a tshirt so I was ready to crack it out! I popped on a skirt and some plimsolls with it as we were going to Bekonscot Model Village, a place I hadn't been in about 20 years (well, to be fair, once you've seen it there's no real reason to return). 

Cardi: Dotty Ps
Tshirt: Hey! Hello!
Skater skirt: New Look
Plimsolls: New Look
Handbag: M&S Limited Edition


What a lovely day Saturday was. We decided to pop to a giant car boot sale, a place so heinous that my description of 'hell on earth' is not an exaggeration. After that we pottered around, had lunch...tea...cake...further nibbles...dinner, you know how it is.

I wore my new daisy print dress from Matalan that I had to have after seeing it on other bloggers, specifically Naomi from Diamonds and Pearls. I popped on to the website, saw it was down to £11 and just had to have it. 

I bought this in an 18 and it's definitely tight around the arms. The rest of it, however, is incredibly generous, and I definitely needed a belt to pull it in at the waist (without it it was a bit like a swing dress). Anyway I don't care, I love the pattern and I love that you could just as easily wear heels with this instead of boots or sandals.

It's a bit miserable today so we hiked around the woods for a bit, got incredibly wet and now we're drying off at home (definitely NOT an OOTD). Tomorrow we're going to my mum's for lunch so I'll take the opportunity to throw something pretty on then (or gangster- depends how I feel). I hope your weekends are going well!