Tuesday, 6 May 2014

Bank Holiday Catwalk

Ahh bank holidays; aren't they lovely? Actually I have been very jammy indeed and have been off work since Wednesday! Mr FD and I went up to the Highlands to see his parents and made a long weekend out of it. It's beautiful out there, but I am DEFINITELY a city girl. I was a bit anxious every time I couldn't get any phone signal...

Anyway, I might have walked up a few hills, but that didn't stop me wearing impractical clothing, ohhhh no. 


Friday was a day for coffee, cake and spectacular views. We popped up to the Cairgorms and went on the funicular railway, which was excellent (I love a good monorail).

Sitting in a tree (as you do)
You can't see my outfit too well, but I just played it safe in a black dress/top and plimsolls. I stuck out a bit with everyone else in their walking trousers, but...waterproof trousers? Vom fest.


Saturday we went to a distillery museum, which I thought was going to be rubbish, but I ended up really enjoying! I didn't drink my dram at the end though (it hasn't persuaded me to start drinking whisky). Of course I went in a daisy dress/purple tights combo just in case anyone was under the mistaken impression that I was up for walking later. 


Sunday we were travelling home so I went for my comfy new denim dress from Simply Be which I am LOVING by the way. I popped my tartan shirt over the top instead of a cardi. I also wore my hair up which is UNHEARD OF.