Saturday, 28 June 2014

OOTD: Polka dots and Poppies

I'm sorry my posts have been sporadic of late. To be honest I'm terrible at remembering to take photographs. I'm also trying to be a bit better with spending money (she says waiting for her ASOS sale order to arrive) so I'm going to do more with what I already have.

Today was a day of getting things done. You know, the type of day where you do the food shop, clean the house, do the little chores you've been putting off. After dinner we decided to go out to get some fresh air and ended up in the park near our flat. They're currently growing a field of poppies for the 100 year anniversary of World War 1, which I think is a lovely idea and I can't wait to see it in bloom!

I casualed it up in a trusty old dress from Dotty Ps. I don't even know how old this dress is, but it must be 5 years at least. I wear this over leggings with boots or sometimes with tights and heels, it's so versatile! AND LOOK, IT HAS POCKETS. 

Dress: Dotty Ps (old)
Leggings: Simply Be High Waisted Plain Leggings
Ankle boots: Evans (old)
Brolly: Model's own

Friday, 20 June 2014

Shop Your Stash

"This is all about finding a gem in what you already own. This is to let go a little of the stress that comes with being a blogger - even if it is just once a month. Rummage through your beauty products and climb through those clothes draws. You might surprise yourself!"

Today I decided to rummage through my drawers to find something "new" to wear to work. I ended up wearing this black shirt dress from Peacocks which I bought goodness knows how long ago; honestly, it must be years. Obviously I couldn't wear it as a dress- look at the length of it! Scandalous. 

It did crease a bit over the course of the day, but was very comfy to wear. Me spending a full day at work in trousers! People actually commented on it. 

Shirt: Peacocks
Trousers: Simply Be
Shoes: Asda
Sunny Gs: Camden Market

The bunnies were trying to get in on the action in the background so I thought they should get their five minutes of fame! Introducing Pedro and Bruno...

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Monday, 16 June 2014


I went to H&M on Friday. Why? Why do I do it to myself? I actually went to return something and came out with another 30 quids worth. In my defence...I needed it (cough). 

For starters I got this skirt which, for me, is the perfect length, meaning I can wear it tightless and not worry about showing off the knees. It came in a few other colours so I think I'll probably return to pick up a couple more- summer staple! 

I also picked up this crop top. A CROP TOP! I've been looking for a decent crop top for ages and I just love this one. Obviously I've tied it up at the front, so if you didn't want to flash any bare midriff you could just leave it as is (which is just as nice). I'm wearing an L in both the top and skirt here, but I often find H&M a bit like Primark in terms of their sizing (I think this skirt could probably stretch to a 24). 

I also got my toes out (I think the sun has addled my brain a little bit). 

Top: H&M
Skirt: H&M
Sandals: F&F (old)
Chain: River Island
Midriff as white as snow: Model's own

Thursday, 12 June 2014

OOTD: George Lace Maxi Dress

It's been a whillleeeeee. Yes, I know, I've been absolutely terrible for updates recently, but this has been down to two things:

1. Work has been manic.
2. When the sun comes out it's like I lose my mojo. I don't really like getting my arms out and I don't really like showing any leg above the knee which means I spend the summer sweltering in shapeless dresses! WELL, NOT THIS TIME, SUMMER. YOU WILL NOT BEAT ME. 

That outburst leads me nicely on to the outfit I wore to work today. It's all well and good wearing your pants at home when it's hot, but at work they like me to look a bit smarter (I know, I tried it once and they sent me home). I saw this Lace Overlay Maxi Dress at George the other day and decided it was perfect; short sleeves to cover my arms and the jersey light enough to be cool on a hot day. 

Dress: George at Asda
Ballet pumps: George at Asda
Necklace: H&M

I'd say this was true to size as, although you can see how much room there is in the skirt, the crochet top half has no give whatsoever so a smaller size certainly wouldn't have fit on my arms. It's also VERY LONG. I'm 5'5" and you can't see my feet! Great for the tall girls, but shorties might have to get out their sewing kits. 

I promise I'll get back to updating more frequently. We're off to Brighton on Saturday so prepare for photos of me and my knotted handkerchief!  

Sunday, 1 June 2014

Simply Be Cami Dress

Last night I went out with friends for the first time in what seems like forever and I thought I'd go all 90s for the occasion. 

I've wanted a cami dress for a long time, but due to the huge difference between my top and bottom half I never thought I'd be able to find one that fit, but this is perfect! The adjustable straps at the top meant it wasn't too low cut and the bottom half was loose enough for me to sit down comfortably in. Adding the chunky boots worked well with the floaty dress and, of course, I threw on (what seems to be becoming) my trademark chain. I added a little cardi to keep it demure and then threw my trusty leather jacket over the top before leaving the house. 

Dress: Simply Be
Cardigan: Red Herring, Debenhams
Shoes: Boohoo
Necklace: River Island

I'm not sure if you can tell in these photos, but I dip dyed my hair yesterday (well, the hairdresser did). It's a bit of a change (and not exactly what I was going for), but I'm getting used to it and it's quite nice to be a bit lighter for summer! Here's a little close up: