Tuesday, 22 July 2014

Shop Your Stash

Welcome to an incredibly late edition of Shop Your Stash! I've been trying to cut down on clothes buying recently as we're moving to a much bigger flat soon and so I'm embarking on the exciting (and expensive) task of furnishing it! I've never had to furnish a flat before so I just own bits and pieces, but now I get to buy new beds and tables and wardrobes...I'm in my element (I just need a £50k pay rise yeah?)

Here are some little bits on my wishlist:

1. Derp Yeti from this amazing little shop on Etsy here. This one has sold out now, but I'm keeping my eyes peeled for another...

2. Little pigeon vinyls to stick on the wall! I lovveee pidgies, so these are perfect. Another Etsy find here.

3. Places We've Been: This was on Etsy, but I can't find it now. I think it's such a lovely idea. At home I already have a frame with a map inside it; I'd love to do it on a large scale like this. 

4. Now this is the ultimate chair...THE BIBLIOCHAISE. I've lusted after this ever since they used it on Sky Arts years ago, but unfrotunately it hasn't become any more obtainable since then! Look at the beauty...

Once we're moved in I'll try and blog more about my attempts to furnish the place. Wish me luck!