Wednesday, 13 August 2014

Style XL

I can barely believe it was nearly 2 weeks ago, but Style XL came and went in a flash. Style XL was the first (and probably last) plus size fashion event and I was strutting (or hobbling) my stuff on the cat walk. 

Having been to events where people were running around like headless chickens, I have to say that Leah ran this like clockwork. At no point was I ever confused about where to be or what I was wearing, I was constantly being offered tea/coffee/squash/biscuits by the wonderful Sarah and Leah's mum and partner were also on hand to make sure we were all looked after. 

Of course the best thing about the day was meeting so many amazing women, some of whom I'd been waiting a long time to meet in the flesh, including Nikki, Elena, Sam, Mookie, Sara, Becky, Debz, Lucia and Toni (there are more, I'm trying to remember!) A close second was getting to wear some great clothes from brands like Simply Be, Yours Clothing, Apples and Pears and MS SVG. I came away with some amazing earrings from Chunky Cat Cuddler too, which I will be werking in the weeks to come.

Not sure what was happening here...

Favourite dress of the day was probably this little number by Yours Clothing. I would never ever have picked it up off the hanger, but I didn't mind it on at all! I have an 18 on here and it's a little tight, particularly around the arm holes so if you're busty then you'll probably need to size up. 

Although everyone I met was really supportive and I loved (nearly) all of the clothes I was wearing, I don't think I'll be modelling again. It was something I wanted to tick off the list and to get out of my comfort zone, but Naomi Campbell I am not. I'm really looking forward to going to Plus North, cheering on the models there and just enjoying being a spectator!