Sunday, 28 September 2014

Ladies what lunch

Yesterday I popped down to The Ampersand Hotel in South Ken for an afternoon tea with my sister and my bestie. How civilised! Actually, it was a little bit special because we went for the Science Afternoon Tea, which had lots of quirky bits in it including chocolate dinosaurs, beakers of punch and dry ice (which got a big oooOOooooOOOoohhh from the other diners when it came out).

I wore my Scarlett and Jo dress for the occasion. Actually, it was the first outing for this dress. I'd missed out on buying it the first time round and then scoured eBay for weeks until it finally came up! It's a great length and so pretty; I can see I'll be getting a lot of wear out of it. Excuse the hair, it doesn't do well in humidity. Also, my sister pointed out that these shoes basically make it look as if I'm going bare foot and she's right, they do! 

We went to the V&A afterwards where I bought an obscenely large pair of earrings (standard) and popped into the Disobedient Objects exhbition which I'd really recommend. To be honest I'd recommend the V&A to any visitor to London, it's such a nice museum and so vast that there really is something for everyone. 

I hope you've all had a good weekend. Chat soon!