Sunday, 19 October 2014

In with the old...

It was my BFF's 30th birthday party last night which meant good food, good tunes and...acceptable beer. I decided to order this amazing maxi dress from the Look Magazine/Simply Be collab but, although I absolutely lovvvvve it, I just didn't think it was right for this occasion. Cue me in a fit of panic throwing everything I own out of my wardrobe and this, my friends, is how this outfit was born. 

Sorry for the terrible photo quality, but I really only had time for a quick phone pic before running out the door! The dress is an old favourite from ASOS Curve - just a simple black vest bodycon - and I threw a Dorothy Perkins crop top (similar here) over the top, which I tied up to give a bit more shape. I decided to wear my New Look boots as I knew I could last a night of dancing in them. Huge necklace is courtesy of River Island, as per. 

I felt really good in this outfit. It's always nice to create something new out of something you already own (believe me I NEED to do this more often...) In fact, I think that's going to be my challenge over the next few months. You never know, I might even get out my sewing kit! (I won't get out my sewing kit)