Sunday, 18 January 2015

OOTD: Boohoo Plus Tartan Bomber Jacket

I'm not sure why, but since getting back to work in the New Year my body has decided to mutiny. At the moment every part of me aches, my nose is red from rubbing it with tissues and my ability to smell and taste has been removed. Of course it's just a head cold, but I'm acting as though I'm in the last stages of life. Although I didn't feel like leaving the house at all, I knew a bit of fresh air (however icy it may be) would clear my lungs and head a little, so off we popped for a short stroll and some food. 

However ill I feel I still find it difficult to go out without throwing on some slap and looking acceptable (unless it's just down the shops).That said, I still wanted comfort, so I threw on my trusty Dotty Ps dress and my Boohoo bomber. 

I love my Boohoo Plus bomber jacket that I picked up in the sale (you can't drag me out of the nineties). It's really soft and a good length for me (i.e. above my arse). If you were thinking of picking one up I'd say to go for your usual size or even a size down if you're in between as there's plenty of stretch to it. 

My glasses are another thing I throw on when I'm sick- can't be dealing with my contact lenses!

Bomber Jacket: Boohoo Plus
Dress: Dorothy Perkins (old, similar here)
Snake necklace: eBay