Monday, 23 February 2015

Basic Clothing in Plus Sizes: the striped tee

It's funny, really. Only in my last post was I lamenting the fact that plus size women struggle to find basic items that are both plus size and affordable and then another one pops up. 

Ahh, the striped tee. Growing up I always knew that horizontal stripes on a fatty were a faux pas. Well, they make you look bigger and why on earth would you want that eh? Oh, hang on, I just remembered that society can kiss my arse. OBVIOUSLY I AM GOING TO WEAR STRIPES: they're fab!

I wandered into GAP the other day to buy a pair of trews for Mr FD, noticed this t-shirt hanging up and had to buy it. It's so soft and is absolutely the perfect length and fit. I'm wearing a Large here and you can see my size 20 bod has plenty of room so, depending on how loose you want it, I'd say the XXL would fit up to a 26. 

Not going to lie. I felt like a babe in this combo. 

These shoes were a recent find in Primark. £6? Can't go wrong. Well, actually, you can go a bit wrong because these aren't particularly comfortable on my wide feet, but...we suffer for style.

Can I just take a moment to talk about these lovely earrings? They're wooden and hand painted by a wonderful woman I found on Etsy. In fact, I love all of her handmade jewellery and can't wait to buy more. Simple and unique. 

Coatigan: Elvi
Striped tee: GAP (still in shops. Similar here)
Treggings: M&S
Shoes: Primark
Necklace: New Look