Wednesday, 4 February 2015

Keeping Comfy

If any of you read my Twitter account, you've probably seen me complaining about the amount of travelling I'm doing (oh woe is me, as per). Anyway, we popped up to Liverpool on Saturday to see the Scouse element of the family and, as I was going to be in the car for 10 hours, I decided comfort was more important than style. Well, almost. 

I decided to take my new Elvi coatigan out for a spin. I've been lusting after this coatigan since seeing it on Mrs Bebe (she has both the black and orange versions) and as soon as it went into the sale I pounced on it NINJA STYLE. I initially got it in a size 2 (a 20/22), but when it arrived it was huge so definitely size down in this if you fancy it. 

It is SO soft, SO warm and SO comfy. It kept me snuggly and warm all day. 

Coatigan: Elvi
Denim dress: Simply Be 
Boots: New Look
Earrings: Accessorize

This was my first purchase from Elvi. I bought three items initially: this, which was too big, a dress in a size 22 that was too small and leggings in an 18 that didn't touch my thighs. I exchanged the leggings for a size 20 and they hung off me like trousers. So yes, I'm not sure my first Elvi experience was a success, but given some of the lovely things they have on there I reckon I'll be giving them a second chance. 

Do let me know if you have any experience with Elvi- or some sizing tips before I try them again!