Sunday, 27 March 2016

Out in the Sunshine with LindyBop

Oh hi! It's been a while. eh? I sort of lost my blogging mojo. Actually I lost a bit of my dressing up mojo too. It's partially due to finding my dream denim and now wearing skinny jeans every weekend (unheard of), but also due to wedding planning and trying not to buy any new clothes. That said, I'm definitely going to talk about wedding dress shopping for the plus size woman (albeit on the smaller end of plus size) as I'm now a Pro. Honestly, never start watching Say Yes to the Dress: once you pop you can't stop. 

The sun came out on Friday so I got the legs out and put on a summer dress. This was a steal in the LindyBop Christmas sale (I can't remember now, but I'm sure it was around £8) and I finally got to take the tags off. It felt good to be in something bright and summery as I'm so often rocking the black at work.

Dress: LindyBop
Cardi: Red Herring
Sneakers: Simply Be

Hopefully this is the start of me posting a little more frequently on this blog. I'm also planning to head down to the Fat Positive Clothes Sale in London next Saturday, so do pop down if you're needing a fat shopping fix! I'm going to sign up as a seller and have a bit of a wardrobe clear out; goodness knows I need to!