Tuesday, 3 May 2016

Weekend threads

This weekend lots of lovely things happened: friends came to stay, I had a delicious Lebanese meal with my bridesmaids, I drank lots of tasty beer, ate sausages and played arcade games. It was the perfect weekend actually.

As the weather was so nice I also got to take some outfit pics too! I know I know, it's such a rare occurrence now, but it gets better: I HAVE TWO OUTFITS. For real. 

First up was this fab jumpsuit from George. I actually bought it for Christmas outings, but only got around to wearing it for the first time this weekend. Still, lots of compliments and I felt good in it. I particularly liked the wide leg which was extra swishy. I'm wearing a 20 here and there's lots of stretch, both in the arms and body.

I wore it with trainers as we were doing a bit of walking and I didn't want to look *too* dressed up, but I could easily pop a pair of heels on with this for an evening look. The obsession with jumpsuits continues.

On Sunday we popped into Peckham for some casual strolling and quaffing. I decided to wear my ASOS Curve Ridley jeans which, frankly, have changed my life. The first pair of jeans I've worn in years which actually fit my body, the only exception being that they're a bit long, but that's easily solved. 

I'm really enjoying wearing shirts at the moment, and this one is from Peacocks no less! It's not somewhere I'd usually shop, but the vibrant colours and dipped hem jumped out at me. I'm wearing an 18 here which is unusually large (no gaping buttons or tightness on the arms), so bear that in mind if you stumble across one. 

I'm also wearing my favourite Oliver Bonas necklace, which you totally can't see here (unless you properly zoom in), but is awesome. 

I hope your bank holidays were equally fabulous!