Wednesday, 11 January 2017

River Island Embroidered Bomber Jacket

My name's Charlie and I have a problem with outerwear. I was on an outerwear ban, but then this bomber popped up in the River Island Plus sale, down to £15 from £70, and I just couldn't resist. River Island Plus are killing it right now. Between them and ASOS Curve I think my wardrobe will stay fully stocked for the foreseeable

I'm just happy that I can look casual and amazing and fat all at the same time now where it used to be extremes of absolute slob fest or dressed to the nines. As my little sister said to me later that day, "u are all about the jeans and bomber life now". And I'm pretty happy with that. 

Wednesday, 4 January 2017

OOTD: Luxury slouch

I've grown to love a bit of velvet over the past couple of years. Okay so I can't touch the stuff without all my hairs standing on end, but having to walk around with my arms outstretched is a sacrifice I'm willing to make. 

I spied this lovely velvet pleated number on a recent M&S trip. Let's face it I've always been about the granny chic (I received Pam St Clement's autobiography - End of an Earring - this Christmas). 

I love this trend of pairing luxurious fabrics and formal pieces with more informal (but no less luxurious) chunky knits. So that's just what I did. This Navabi roll neck has been a staple in my wardrobe and the quality is so good that I'm sure it will continue to be for years to come. 

Happy 2017! May your years be filled with love and friendship and adventures.

Skirt: M&S
Jumper: Navabi (Isolde Roth)
Hat: AWear (so very old)
Bag: Accessorize
Jacket and boots: Simply Be